Custom Heat Recovery Units

Since patenting our first innovative packaged ideas in the 1940’s, Governair® has built and maintained a reputation for defining the cutting edge in progressive design, engineering, and manufacturing in the HVAC industry. To that end, the Governair brand of products utilize green technology to save customers money through the reduction of operating costs for decades. Following the introduction of the revolutionary Governair ‘Thermal Energy Saver’ product line in the 70’s, Governair’s engineers solidified their reputation as pioneers in green HVAC performance while building heat recovery units for natatorium use in the 80’s, and utilizing heat wheel development and high efficiency chillers in the 90’s. Our expertise has been harnessed to drive and develop solutions for some of the most prestigious, energy conscious projects of the 21st century.

With multiple refrigerant options, high-efficiency components, and world class acoustical capabilities, Governair has partnered with forward thinking builders and developers to deliver optimized performance for virtually every type of heat recovery application including refrigeration systems, heat pumps, runaround coil systems, heat pipe systems, plate heat exchangers, rotary heat wheel exchangers, air- and water-side economizers, evaporative cooling, evaporative condensing, geothermal systems, and dry coolers. Regardless of your specific heat recovery needs, Governair has the flexibility and engineering expertise to satisfy even the most challenging green/LEEDs project requirements.

Because our custom equipment is confined only by the limits of a designer's imagination, the examples below represent only a brief sampling of the versatility of our Heat Recovery product line.

Sherman Hospital

Sherman HospitalThe Governair powered heat recovery system on Sherman Hospital in Elgin, Illinois is the largest geothermal system in the world. Driven by 18 Governair built air handlers equipped with geothermal heat pumps, vestibules, and factory installed controls, this next generation HVAC system is coupled with a 17 foot deep, 15 acre, man-made geothermal lake. The building’s massive geothermal heat exchanger utilizes 275,000 feet of 2 inch heat transferring pipe. Incorporating Mammoth® water-source heat pumps, Energy Tech heat wheels and 732 water-to-air terminals, this total system provides Sherman Hospital with an annual energy savings of over $1,000,000. Read the case study here.

2000 Tower Oaks

2000 Tower OaksThe 200,000 square foot office building located at 2000 Tower Oaks in Rockville, Maryland became the first ground-up office building in the Washington region to achieve a LEEDs platinum rating. The Governair custom designed HVAC system on this next generation building is 39% more efficient than standard office systems, contributing to an overall building energy consumption reduction of 28%. The 4-stage air filtration system circulates 30% more outside air than required, making it capable of turning the building’s air over every 51 minutes, and results in the removal of over 90% of airborne contaminants. As the world's first Vedic green office building, Tower Oaks is widely regarded the most green building in the North East United States.

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